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3 Ways to Improve Data Quality in Your Organization
Data helps us do amazing things. Whether it’s planning and building smarter cities or managing a crisis, data is a foundational element that enables us to work better. But the services we provide are …

The User Club's Journey Through Data
At the beginning of 2019, we enthusiastically launched our ODS User Clubs. The goal was to provide the users of our platform with a place to meet, interact, and help each other with the day-to-day man …

What you need to know about the latest open data regulation trends
Open data regulation in different sectors   If you have been following us during the “Stay at home” period, you might have noticed that Covid-19 has prompted unprecedented levels of data sharing acros …

At Opendatasoft, we help you make your data bright! Opendatasoft is the leading solution helping private companies and governments share and reuse data. With the Opendatasoft platform, organizing, sharing, and visualizing all types of data has never been easier. Opendatasoft empowers professionals to innovate and contribute to their organization’s growth. Founded in 2011, Opendatasoft is trusted by over 250 clients across the world, in Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. We work with numerous cities and regions, including the cities of Paris, Bristol, Eindhoven, and Vancouver, local and national government agencies, and large companies including Schneider Electric, Kering, Enedis, Saint-Gobain, SNCF, Euler Hermes, SFR, Total and Indigo Group.

It’s time to make your data bright! For more information, follow Opendatasoft on Twitter (@Opendatasoft).