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Open source goes to Mars 🚀
This morning, we watched in awe as the first Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity, took flight in the thin Martian atmosphere. This is an incredible achievement for the teams at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab …

Work with GitHub Actions in your terminal with GitHub CLI
gh brings GitHub to the command line by helping developers manage pull requests, issues, gists, and much more. As of 1.9.0, even more of GitHub is available in your terminal: GitHub Actions. It’s alre …

Implementing least privilege for secrets in GitHub Actions
GitHub Actions provide a powerful, extensible way to automate software development workflows. When access to outside resources is required, GitHub provides the ability to store encrypted secrets used …

Norway’s National Data Catalog

The National Data Catalog is an overview showing which data the various public agencies have registered, how they are connected and what they mean. The National Data Catalog makes it possible for you to search in the information registered with the public agencies and use the information for analytic purposes.

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