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Mapzen project updates December 2019
The Mapzen diaspora was active in 2019 with thousands of pull requests. There continues to be a future for the projects incubated at Mapzen and those tools and data continue to be used and updated aft …

Mapzen is now a Linux Foundation project!
We have good news! Mapzen is now a Linux Foundation project! Mapzen the company may have shut down, but the open source tools that the services were based upon live on and continue to grow. As we note …

'/v1/search'ing for the Road Ahead Image Credit: NASA/Mark Vande Hei Here on the geocoding team at Mapzen, we’ve grown to love what we do. As soon as the Mapzen shutdown was announced, we started …

What it was

“Mapzen was a company making open mapping more viable for developers out in the world. Our tools cover the full range of map-making: cartography, graphics, search, routing, data, transit, mobile apps. And we published all of it as open source code and, in the case of Who’s On First, the project I work on, as open licensed data.

The project began in 2013 with a small group of tech people, led by Randy Meech, our CEO. We were a part of the Samsung Next accelerator, but operated under a slightly different part of the org chart. We had a lot of freedom to work out in the open on the problems that were most interesting for making maps.” – Dan Phiffer

“Randy Meech, the CEO…offered his thoughts on how much of the company’s software was built to last beyond its possible death (which occurred at the beginning of this January) while one of its developers, Dan Phiffer, had a somewhat more skeptical take on the same topic.”

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