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Shut down (Postmortem)



Shutting down
It is with sadness that I’ve made the decision to shut down the InterTwinkles website. After three years of operation, InterTwinkles remains an interesting experiment, but has failed to contribute sub …

Tool Spotlight: Points of Unity
Points of Unity is a tool for developing a set of shared values or principles with your group. It allows you to create drafts of points, to vote on them and edit them, and to choose which points to ad …

Deleting things
InterTwinkles just added support for deleting documents. What took us so long? Well, deletion in the context of group documents is not as obvious as it might seem.  When you collaboratively create som …

“Intertwinkles, a collection of open source tools for helping small group decision making that was the extension of MIT graduate student Charlie Detar’s dissertation work, closed down when Mozilla made changes in the Persona codebase. Detar writes that that would have required him to do a lot of unpaid work upgrading his software tools, but he didn’t think it was worth the effort given how little those tools were actually being used by the groups they were built for.” – Civicist

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