Ranked best French GovTech at the 2018 European Summit, Fluicity is a platform that allows citizens and local decision-makers to interact easily. Citizens can propose ideas, vote for others, report a dysfunction, participate in consultations… And all this on the same application! Local public decision-makers can take into account citizens’ expectations through a dashboard from which they can launch consultations, inform the public about news and projects, respond to requests or even turn the best received ideas into reality.

Fluicity acts as a trusted third party to ensure a lasting relationship between citizens and decision-makers. We offer training and facilitation services that support the community, but also moderation and user retention to maximize citizen engagement.

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With Fluicity:

✓ Submit your ideas , and try to make them come true
✓ Vote for the ideas of your fellow citizens, to see them come true
✓ Participate in surveys and surveys , so your decision-makers can take them into account
✓ Find out about the news of your territory
✓ Get involved in the participatory projects that concern you