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Mobility Metrics v2.0
SharedStreets has released the next major version of our mobility data aggregation toolset, mobility-metrics. For version 2.0, we have focused on ease of deployment and more detailed metrics to help c …

OpenStreetMap and Curb Regulations
Curb (or “kerb”) management has become a hot issue in cities as street users compete over limited space along the street to park cars, hail a ride, deliver packages, and drop off scooters. City govern …

Towards A Data Standard For Curb Regulations
Introducing CurbLR As street users compete over limited space to park cars, hail a ride, deliver packages, and drop off scooters, curb management is a key issue in cities. To better manage demand, cit …

An open source alternative to Coord.

“We’re working with cities, partners, and organizations around the world to develop an open data standard for the curb: CurbLR. CurbLR provides a structured way for all cities to store and share essential curb information, incorporating asset information that’s been linear referenced onto the street using the SharedStreets Referencing System. It’s a common language on which many things can be built, including tools to analyze and map how space is allocated, or apps to help route people to parking and make curb usage more seamless.

Having access to standardized data and common tools will empower cities to better manage their curbs today and build from existing regulations to change their curbs over time as mobility options change.”

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