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English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish
Non-profit, social enterprise, charity, or foundation

Ahti Heinla


  • $45000 from Open Estonia Foundation / EEA Grants on February 17, 2014
  • from Angel investor on September 1, 2016

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Digital Signing through Smart-ID: our open source gift
Here at Citizen OS, we’ve been busy writing two free, open source sets of code in JavaScript, which act as interfaces for using Estonia’s Smart-ID and Mobile-ID services. They’re yours if you want the …

Meet The Team: Localisation lead Oksana Naidjonova
Citizen OS’s localisation lead on her childhood translation profession, coffee-addicted eagles, and a cunning plan to take over the world.Localisation and Translation Lead Oksana Naidjonova.What is yo …

Democracy and its possibilities in the age of technology.
Volunteer Rie Takeuchi interviews Citizen OS CEO Margo Loor on democracy, its evolution in the context of technology, and how can we embrace the possibilities to shift societies towards eDemocracy and …

Citizen OS is an open source e-decisionmaking tool and platform. It enables collaborative discussion and voting, when getting everyone together into the same room or online at the same time is not an option. Inhabitants of a village. Citizens of a country. Members or employees of a multinational NGO from different cities and timezones. Spontaneous activist movements. Anyone, who wants to decide together.

E-democracy. E-meetings. E-assemblies. E-discussions. E-decisionmaking. Citizen OS – the choice is yours.

Citizen OS is run as a social enterprise.

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