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“ helps keep the EU democratic and transparent – and is so easy to use that I could explain it to my mum!” – Interview with Hans Wetzels
Hans Wetzels (1982) is a freelance investigative journalist from the Netherlands. He currently lives in Berlin and Landgraaf, and has experience working in and from countries like Kenya, Nepal, Angola …

AsktheEU Pro, the all-in-one FOI toolkit for professional journalists and researchers
Madrid, 1 June 2020 – Pro-transparency human rights organisation Access Info Europe is glad to launch AsktheEU Pro, an improved version of the account designed to upgrade journalists and …

“Sometimes I get the feeling that they put all of these barriers so that you just give up. But this pushes me more, it motivates me to continue” – Interview with Nikolaj Nielsen
Nikolaj Nielsen is a Danish-born journalist who has been working at the EUobserver since 2012. Alejandra: Thanks for taking the time in talking to us, Nikolaj! We first wanted to ask you about the mos … is an online platform for citizens to send access to documents requests directly to EU institutions, powered by Alaveteli

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