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Design systems in government: How to ease handoffs
The end of a contract and subsequent transition is a plight that’s not in any way unique to design systems. It’s a pain point that contractors of all stripes eventually feel during their contracting c … Design systems in government: When to start
In my time at Ad Hoc, I’ve had the opportunity to start up two separate design systems: one for called Formation, and another for Medicare’s Quality Payment Program (QPP), which I’ll call QPPDS … Launching a government MVP in less than a month
The Coverage Portal document validator. Launching government websites is often thought to be a slow process. Compliance, security, branding, documentation, and reliability all take time and resources …

We want to be the premier government digital services agency.

Ad Hoc is a software design and engineering company that came out of the successful effort to rescue after its disastrous initial launch.

Ad Hoc is focused on developing, delivering, and operating fast, stable, and well-designed digital services on behalf of U.S. government clients. Our work enables agencies to provide transactional and informational services to their users. We bring technologists together to collaborate closely with government partners, crafting solutions and delivering software that works.

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