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Stanford VHIL VR Research Roundup 2020
What has the Virtual Human Interaction Lab been up to over the last year? Tune in for 5 talks from PhD students, Postdocs and Professor Jeremy Bailenson on VHIL’s most recent work. Talks by: Marijn Ma …

Is VR the Future of Corporate Training?, Harvard Business Review
Over the past few years, the cost to deploy VR has plummeted, and the technology has expanded into more general use at Fortune 500 corporations, where employees working in industries such as retail, l …

Beam me out to the ballgame, SF Chronicle
Cardboard standees get old fast. With augmented reality, the fans can be live, interactive and a part of the action of the game.San Francisco Chronicle »View PDF Photo: Illustration by Tobin Asher/VHI …

Achieving racial justice requires that we understand racism. It is possible for one to espouse beliefs of racial justice and equality, but fail to truly understand the nature of racial inequality. In this immersive virtual reality experience, become Michael Sterling, a Black male, and encounter racism as a young child, an adolescent, and a young adult. Understanding the social realities of racism is critical to promoting effective and collective social action.

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