Watchdogging and transparency

Technologies that seek to provide greater visibility to the activities of governments, corporations, or individuals in power and allow others to monitor them.


Explore the history of asset declarations of public officials by filtering by name, institution and year of declaration.

Initiative that seeks to rebuild citizen confidence in the political class through the publication of its three declarations voluntarily as a sign of its commitment to transparency and accountability.

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Este observatorio de compras públicas en Salud recopila datos sobre los precios que pagan diferentes organismos estatales por medicamentos para permitir su análisis y transparentar la información gubernamental.

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Tracks possible and reported Malaysian corruption and other issues of abuse of power to hold people and organizations accountable.

Ad Watch breaks open the machine of political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with data of more than 150 parties in 34 countries.

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AdLeaker is an anonymous whistleblower hotline where concerned insiders can securely release tips, documents, data, and other information about the advertising industry to the general public.


Alaveteli helps you lower the barriers that prevent citizens asking questions of those in power

Algorithm Watch

Algorithm Watch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization committed to evaluating and shedding light on algorithmic decision-making processes

Anti-corruption SMS campaign in Albania

A text message that the government sends to citizens to in an attempt to prevent corruption.

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Assistants of public officials database

Посіпаки — це відкрита база даних помічників народних депутатів України створена на основі офіційної інформації Апарату Верховної Ради України.


We are joining together to stop Amazon’s growing, powerful grip over our society and economy.


The aim of the tool is to help Lithuanian citizens to understand how courts and judges work in their country.

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