Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual Reality applied to increasing comprehension of public policies, driving empathy, understanding the effects of climate change, etc.

Cindy Bishop’s round-up of civic AR prototypes

At the Center for Civic Media, we focus on creating or leveraging digital technology for social change. As an artist, a documentarian, and a creative coder with a do-good streak, I am exploring how…

Holopolis MR

Holopolis MR imagines the uses case in the near future, when MR headsets are more popularized. It turns on the GPS with computer vision feature so that the users can bump into virtual public forums such as a forum setup next to the priority seats. Mature of mixed reality enables “engaging” civic engagement Despite the naming war of AR/VR/MR/XR, the substance of connecting information, overlaying visualization and designing interaction between real and virtual world brought us to a journey t...

Journalism 360

Washington, D.C. – Eleven projects that seek to help develop and expand best practices in immersive storytelling, including narratives, ethics and production, will receive a share of $285,000 as winners ... Read More

MIT Changing Places CityScope LEGO city

Intervention Simulation Augmented Reality Decision Support Systems to predict and quantify the impact of disruptive interventions

RYOT news

This humanitarian aid worker attracted the famous mentor and launched a virtual reality film business acquired by Verizon AOL.

US Federal Virtual/Augmented Reality program

The Federal VR and AR Program is a collaborative hub for the research and refinement of VR and AR business cases and pilot programs across government.