Voting and elections

Data and tools designed to help people vote by informing voters about registration requirements, ballot information, districts, and election dates, locations, and procedures.

Alegeri Parlamentare 2016

Ghidul complet al alegerilor parlamentare din 11 decembrie. Compară aici candidații la alegerile parlamentare, programele de guvernare si orientarile ideologice.


The Apollo DemTool is a powerful system for compiling, managing, and analyzing citizen reports from an election monitoring mission.

Az Glasuvam

„АЗ ГЛАСУВАМ” е специално разработена платформа. С нейна помощ, лесно ще можете да се информирате за всички важни моменти от изборния процес в България.


The encyclopedia of American politics

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BallotReady is an online voter guide to local elections. We make it easy to vote informed on every candidate all across America.

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Bite the Ballot

Bite The Ballot is an international social enterprise that specialises in civic and community engagement. Our charity has grown from an idea in a classroom to coordinating world-record breaking campaigns, changing laws and rebranding politics among young and socially-excluded communities.

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Hold your politicians accountable. Tell your representatives what you want them to do. We'll track whether they listen, so you'll know if they deserve your vote in the next election.

Campaign Together

We bring together people from the UK, no matter what their background, to stop the Tories from winning another parliamentary majority at the next election. We use electoral data to determine which left-leaning party has the best chance of beating the Tories in 50 of the most marginal seats and support any and all volunteers to get out campaigning.

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Center for Technology and Civic Life

Modernizing engagement between local government and the people you serve

Clear Ballot

Clear Ballot is re-imagining elections with the world's most innovative and transparent voting system.

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A web forum that elevates your community's opinions. Civil and organized discussion even when hundreds of stakeholders participate.


cVIGIL is an innovative mobile application for citizens to report Model Code of Conduct and Expenditure violations during the elections

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Deciding Vote

See how you match with political candidates based on the issues you care about

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Democracy Works Elections API

Our full-time research team maintains a detailed calendar of upcoming state, special, and local elections, which we release as our Elections API.

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DemTools is designed to help empower civil society organizations, political parties and legislatures around the world by applying technology solutions to common challenges

Easy Voter Guide – California

The aim of the Easy Voter Guide project is to make nonpartisan information about why vote, how to vote and what’s on the ballot accessible to as many

EasyVote Solutions

EasyVote Solutions delivers a SaaS platform to city, county and state election offices to help manage the process of running elections.

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Election Tech Handbook

A crowdsourced resource for technologists building things for the (probably) upcoming general election

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Protecting democratic elections through secure, verifiable voting


If knowledge is a door to information, data is the key. When you’re talking about politics and government, information is extremely important to those who are making decisions on who to vote for and what legislation to get behind or block.


E.thePeople is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is the nation's leading provider of interactive voter guide software.

Follow My Vote

Follow My Vote aims to change the way we vote, becoming the world's first secure open-source online voting software based on blockchain technology.

Google Civic Information API

The Civic Information API allows you to build applications that allow citizens and voters to know about their political representation and voting locations.


HelloVote is the chat bot that gets you everything you need to vote!

Horizon State

Horizon State is about unlocking the power of communities to drive organisations forward.

How to make a political scientist cringe: A bipartisan group of prominent political strategists on Tuesday announced an Internet information venture designed to interact with America's opinion leaders and serve as an antidote to the right-left clash that typifies political...


See today's trending polls and ideas on civic engagement and politics.


See which American political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives match your beliefs based on the 2018 issues that are most important to you.


Otevíráme, vizualizuje a analyzuje parlamentní, volební a rozpočtová data. Díky nám víte, kdo vás doopravdy zastupuje.

National Democratic Institute (NDI)

The National Democratic Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government

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NewFounders EveryElection app

‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about EveryElection

NY Times Election 2016 map of US

An interactive map lets readers explore the 2016 election in new detail.

Project Vote Smart

Vote Smart provides free, unbiased, in-depth information about current officials, candidates, issues, legislation, and voting. Non-partisan and nonprofit since 1988.

Unfortunately Texas laws do not currently allow for a direct form of online voter registration. Register2Vote serves as a near approximation of online voter registration that fully complies with all of the legal requirements under Texas State Law.

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Swap my Vote

Platform that allows voting partners to make their votes count in a different constituency, where each voter’s first preference has a better chance of winning a seat

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Swing Left

The 2018 midterm elections are our next chance to get a say in our government. We can stop the Trump agenda by joining together NOW, wherever we live.


Tactical Remain voting in the UK European elections 2019

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The Center for Election Science

We hope these tools help you out in running your next election. If you do not have word processing or spreadsheet software, you can use Libre Office or Open Office for free. If you've found this resource valuable, please tell others and consider a donation. Additionally, we do not offer resources for plurality elections because it is an awful voting method and should never be used.

The Firefox EU Elections Toolkit

The Firefox EU Elections Toolkit helps you to prevent pre-vote online manipulation

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The Perfect Candidate

Driven by data, not bias, I’ll help you discover how aligned our leaders are with the issues that matter most to you and start a more courageous conversation about Australia’s future.

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Tinder bot used in UK elections

We used a computer program to talk to young people on the dating app about the U.K. election. The results were amazing.

a collaborative fact-checking project for the Philippines’ 2019 elections bringing together 11 news organizations and 3 universities to counter disinformation and provide the public with verified information

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Twitter Vote Report

Twitter Vote Report (TVR) was an all-volunteer nonpartisan online project designed to encourage voters in the 2008 U.S. presidential election to submit brief accounts of their voting experiences using mobile and online tools.


Vote at home? Or at uni? An election is coming and it matters where you register. Enter your home and uni postcodes to find out where your vote will make the biggest impact for Labour. Made by Momentum.

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By Alex Dobson, Emily Rainsford and Oliver Sidorczuk Even when a choice seems quite straightforward, like in the recent European Union referendum, elections can seem confusing, with complex jargon and an increasing number of parties to consider. With the continuing decline of voting according to traditional party ideologies and identities, combined the worryingly low voter…


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