Voter assistance tech

Voter assistance tech seeks to help inform voters about their choices in elections and where and how they can vote.


Hold your politicians accountable. Tell your representatives what you want them to do. We'll track whether they listen, so you'll know if they deserve your vote in the next election.


If knowledge is a door to information, data is the key. When you’re talking about politics and government, information is extremely important to those who are making decisions on who to vote for and what legislation to get behind or block.

How to make a political scientist cringe: A bipartisan group of prominent political strategists on Tuesday announced an Internet information venture designed to interact with America's opinion leaders and serve as an antidote to the right-left clash that typifies political...


See which American political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives match your beliefs based on the 2018 issues that are most important to you.


By Alex Dobson, Emily Rainsford and Oliver Sidorczuk Even when a choice seems quite straightforward, like in the recent European Union referendum, elections can seem confusing, with complex jargon and an increasing number of parties to consider. With the continuing decline of voting according to traditional party ideologies and identities, combined the worryingly low voter…

Vote Compass

Vote Compass is an award-winning application, showing you how your views align with those of the candidates running for election.

Vote for Policies

Vote for Policies makes it easy to compare what the political parties are promising to do in the 2017 general election. It helps you decide who to vote for.


A comprehensive political database for modern day voters

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