Story-based campaigns

Examples of campaigns that leveraged the power of personal stories to advocate a position.


Discover how citizens and governments are coming together around the world and how you can join them.

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Tell us about your collisions and near-misses, so we can build the evidence base for improvements, together

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Count the Nation

The USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and Wise Entertainment have assembled a powerful coalition of experts in media, communications, data, technology and journalism to ensure everyone knows how much census participation benefits their community.

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Our team spent two years listening to homeless New Yorkers. This website aims to summarize our findings and push forward sensible reforms that we developed alongside our homeless neighbors.

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Humans of the Balkans

Balkan is a story. Long, intricate, some would even say complicated. We feel the real Balkan is about its people and the stories they have to tell. If you start from there, it is that simple! If you come from Balkan, you live there or if you have a Balkan story to tell, we welcome you and your story to the Humans of the Balkan’s.

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Planned Parenthood Saved Me

We're posting stories from people whose lives were saved or changed because they had access to affordable, compassionate healthcare through Planned Parenthood.

Protect Our Care

A campaign leveraging personal stories about Pre-Existing Conditions, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act to defend it from legislative attacks

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RNW Media

RNW Media is a centre of expertise that builds digital communities for social change.

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Open source, offline-compatible geostorytelling application

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