Narrative tech

"Narrative Technology encompasses the tools, platforms, and infrastructure that can be used to assist and accelerate the shifting and/or maintenance of dominant narratives. These include, but aren’t limited to, technologies that can baseline, listen to, test, and respond to media and online discourse at scale." - Liz Hynes, The Narrative Initiative

Automating NYC

We want to empower New Yorkers to advocate for ADS

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Tell us about your collisions and near-misses, so

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Count the Nation

The USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and Wise Entertai

cat-icon Los Angeles, CA

Our team spent two years listening to homeless New

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Investigate how weather and climate change are imp


MEMRIA uses the power of voice to help our partner

RNW Media

RNW Media is a centre of expertise that builds dig

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Open source, offline-compatible geostorytelling ap

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The Rules

All power rests on the ability to harness and cont

What We Learned in Minnesota

Narrative Initiative is a training and networking

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Wise Entertainment

Wise Entertainment is an award winning independent

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