Social impact design firms


At Agency, we ally with civil society organizations in Africa and Latin America, along with their partners and networks, to advance the resilience and future preparedness of the ecosystem.

cat-icon Africa


Accessible web and mobile software for NGOs and development agencies

cat-icon 25 Signet Court, Swann's Road, Cambridge, UK

Caravan Studios

We build apps that help communities organize, access, and apply local resources to their most pressing problems.


We help governments, organizations and companies understand and navigate the increasingly complex urban landscape, and work together to create a sustainable and executable vision for the future, fast.

Composites Collective

Using deliberative democracy models to inform city decision making and to connect organizations and districts around NYC’s

cat-icon New York, NY


engage2 is a boutique public participation and stakeholder engagement consultancy based in Sydney. We design and facilitate stakeholder and community engagement for social impact.

cat-icon Sydney NSW, Australia

Good Ctzn

We’re helping small, mission-driven organizations build and use technology.

cat-icon San Francisco, California, USA

Loup Design

Loup is a human-centered design and innovation consultancy that helps organizations listen to and learn from the people they serve.

cat-icon Washington, DC

Participation Factory

Participation Factory is a social enterprise that mainstreams participation and data-driven approaches into governance and process design.

cat-icon Prague, Czech Republic


Today, Seabourne is advancing the state of the art for data integration, consolidation, and visualization tools.

cat-icon 3435 NE 45th Ave, Portland, OR 97213, USA

Small Media

Small Media is a London-based action lab, providing digital research, training and advocacy solutions to support the work of civil society actors that provides assistance to at-risk communities globally.

cat-icon London


Supernormal is an architecture, urban design, and research firm investigating the inevitable overlap of cultural and digital practice.

cat-icon 285 Washington St, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA


Probleemgedreven innovatie voor overheden (enzo). Bedenkers van de Fixxx methode voor snelle innovatie die werkt!

Urban Systems

Urban Systems is an inter-disciplinary professional practice providing strategic planning, engineering, environmental science, and urban design services to both public and private sector clients throughout Western Canada.

cat-icon Kamloops, BC