Fieldwide resources

Resources that can be used broadly by civic tech practitioners

Apolitical 100 Future Leaders

The Most Influential Young People in Government Across the World

cat-icon London, UK

Brigade Network Census

The Brigade Network Census is a series of questions that we at Code for America are asking all Brigade volunteers to answer so that we can learn more about who makes up our vast and distributed community

California Public Technology survey

What are your hopes and dreams for California's new Office of Digital Innovation?

cat-icon California, USA

Civic Tech 4 Democracy EU

CivicTech4Democracy is the European Union’s global competition showcasing democratic innovation by Citizens for Citizens across the world. Every day, everywhere, citizens invent new ways of bringing democracy closer to the people.

Code Across America Day

Code for America is working towards a government by the people, for the people, that works in the 21st century. We help residents and governments harness technology to solve community problems.

Code for All Civic Tech Survey

We are gathering basic information about civic tech organizations around the world in order to understand better what we do, how we do it and how we sustain our operations.

Code for America Technology Awards

The Code for America Technology Awards recognize outstanding products and implementations of government technology.