Public input and engagement tools

Platforms and tools to facilitate gathering public input and support for local, place-based projects

Barcelona Digital City

The priority of Barcelona is to go beyond the conc

cat-icon Barcelona, Spain

Beta Blocks

Exploring new approaches for community-led innovat

cat-icon Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI)

The Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) is an i

cat-icon 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cap Collectif

La plateforme d’intelligence collective la plus

cat-icon France


Civis is a platform that enables citizens to under

cat-icon India


Civocracy is fixing the relationship between citiz


Collab is a prototype built by Sidewalk Labs and D

Consul Democracy Foundation

CONSUL DEMOCRACY Foundation is a new organisation

cat-icon Madrid, Spain


Co-constructing territories by mobilizing citizen

cat-icon EuraTechnologies, 165, Avenue de Bretagne, 59000 Lille, France


free open-source participatory democracy for citie


Dialogue - policy dialogue and crowd-sourcing soft


Fluicity est une solution d’engagement citoyen,

cat-icon 4 Rue du Caire, 75002 Paris, France

Grand Débat National

À l'initiative du Président de la République, l

cat-icon France

Hello Lampost

The playful, city wide system that lets you talk t

cat-icon United Kingdom

Immaginazione Civica

The Foundation promotes Civic Imagination ie liste

cat-icon Salaborsa (II floor) Piazza Nettuno, 3 - 40124 Bologna


Civic engagement tool, powered by algorithms

cat-icon Washington, DC


ioby brings neighborhood projects to life, block b

cat-icon 540 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
cat-icon Hôtel de Ville, Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, Paris, France

Medialab Prado

Medialab Prado es un laboratorio ciudadano que fun

cat-icon Plaza de las Letras. Calle Alameda 15, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Meet the Kiosks event

Join Boston Area Research Initiative for a public

cat-icon 6 Norfolk St, Boston, MA 02124, USA

Mi Medellín

Ahora los ciudadanos de Medellín tenemos un espac

cat-icon Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
cat-icon 17 Rue Xaintrailles, 75013, Paris, France

Open Source Politics

Open Source Politics is a company that builds part

cat-icon Liberte Living-Lab, rue d'Alexandrie, Paris, France


Partecipa is the Bologna participation and collabo

cat-icon Bologna

Participacio Ciutadana

Perquè la democràcia es fa entre tots i totes.

cat-icon Barcelona, Spain

Participez Nanterre

Bienvenue sur la plateforme participative de la vi

cat-icon Nanterre, France


Claim your place. Speak your mind. Influence the o

cat-icon 1005 Cypress Street


Polco is a platform designed to increase civic eng


We gather citizen voices to improve public service

cat-icon The Innovation Village Kampala, Kampala, Uganda


Digital democracy platforms for citizens, organiza

The Hackable City

The Hackable City is a research project that explo

Your Priorities

Your Priorities is an eDemocracy web application d