Public input and engagement tools

Platforms and tools to facilitate gathering public input and support for local, place-based projects


Civocracy is fixing the relationship between citizens and their government using digital citizen participation.

Decidim Barcelona

Benvingut/da a la plataforma de participació de Barcelona.Construïm una ciutat més oberta, transparent i col·laborativa.Entra, participa i decideix!

free open-source participatory democracy for cities and organizations


ioby brings neighborhood projects to life, block by block.


SmartParticipation is an open source e-participation platform based on Drupal and designed to offer an effective and adaptable environment for informed online discussion.


"Tracka is a community of active citizens who share updates on public projects within their communities, and this creates a pathway to use irrefutable information to demand accountability"

Your Priorities

Your Priorities is an eDemocracy web application designed by the non profit Citizens Foundation to help groups speak with one voice.