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A mobile app to report sexual harassment. The collected data can be used as evidence to support preventive measures.

100 Resilient Cities

We help cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century.


1776 is the largest network of incubators that cultivates and empowers startup ecosystems in the Northeast Corridor.


Co-working Space, Events, Education, Programming, Incubators, Accelerators and a community of Entrepreneurs focusing on Innovation.

1991 Civic Tech Center

The first dedicated civic tech hub in Central and Eastern Europe

Academia de Innovación Política

La Academia de Innovación Política es una plataforma que busca generar espacios de formación virtuales y presenciales para la transferencia y co-construcción de conceptos, prácticas, metodologías y herramientas de gobernanza democrática en los escenarios actuales.

cat-icon Paris, France

AI Now

The AI Now Institute at New York University is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence.


A Freedom of Information conference hosted by mySociety

cat-icon Oslo, Norway


Discover the most innovative ideas and solutions in government everywhere. Connect with the people behind them.

cat-icon The Conduit, 40 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YQ, England, UK


Learn from your local government officials & staff about the smart, safe, and sustainable solutions working in their communities

cat-icon San Diego, CA, USA

BetaNYC hack nights

BetaNYC is a civic organization dedicated to improving lives in New York through civic design, technology, and data.

cat-icon Data & Society Research Institute, West 20th Street, New York, NY, USA

Blue 1647

Powered by community we exist to enable your educational & entrepreneurial pursuits.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Boston Civic Media

Boston Civic Media is a faculty-led network that aims to advance the transdisciplinary domain of civic media research and pedagogy in the Greater Boston Area.

Brazilian newsrooms partnering on Whatsapp

And unlike previous efforts, WhatsApp is giving the fact-checkers an important tool to reach the public more easily.

Build Peace

Build Peace is a conference that brings together practitioners, activists, artists and technologists from around the world to share experience and ideas.

Bus Federation

Civic Info is consistent with publishing articles that pertain to various industries. Click on the link to keep track of the top stories.


Join us at CampaignCon 2017, a Global technology and activism skillshare near Johannesburg on 7-9 November 2017

Canada’s Open Data Exchange ODX

Canada's Open Data Exchange. Helping companies innovate and grow using open data.

Center for Civic Innovation

The Center for Civic Innovation focuses on improving the efficiency of public organizations and increasing civic participation. We are Atlanta's City Lab.

Jsme komunita špičkových vývojářů, designérů a produkťáků, kteří chtějí ve svém volném čase pomáhat státu i nestátním organizacím a dělat tak Česko lepším místem k životu.

cat-icon Radlická 180/50, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha, Czechia

Chi Hack Night

Chicago's weekly event to build, share, and learn about civic tech.

CIC St. Louis

CIC St. Louis Schedule A Tour   314.615.6301

Citizen Beta

As technology develops, governments are transformed, citizens are empowered in new ways, and new power structures can start to emerge. Citizen Beta is an attempt at trying to understand the relationship between these things.

cat-icon London

Citizen Beta

the civic tech meetup for people working on civic technology, empowering citizens, and government transformation.

Citizen Lab Summer Institute

The Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) provides a unique opportunity to meet a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, and advocates and develop new and exciting research that addresses pressing questions for the Internet.

cat-icon Toronto, ON, Canada

City Lab Berlin

The CityLAB is an experimental laboratory for the city of the future.

cat-icon Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101, Berlin, Germany

City Science Summit

Join us in celebrating the launch of City Science Summit, where urban planners, industry leaders, and researchers come together to create a vibrant network o...

City Tech Collaborative at UI Labs

City Tech transforms cities into testbeds for new ideas. With partners and people, City Tech remakes essential services and infrastructure.

Citycamp Oakland

CityCamp Oakland. 211 likes. CityCamp Oakland is brought to you by OpenOakland

CityLab Berlin

Wir wollen einen einzigartigen Ort für Kreative, Entwicklerinnen und Tech-Initiativen schaffen, um zusammen mit der Verwaltung, Wissenschaft und Unternehmen zukunftsweisend zusammenzuarbeiten.

Civic Data Privacy Leaders Network

A collaborative that will provide an active, authoritative resource for municipal leaders to navigate emerging privacy issues, share practical guidance, and promote fair and transparent data practices

cat-icon MetroLab Network, 777 6th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20001, USA

Civic Hall

The home for civic tech in New York City

cat-icon 118 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, USA

Civic Hall Toronto

Welcome to Civic Hall Toronto, a unique collaboration space in Canada’s largest city that enables government innovators, entrepreneurs and civic technologists to share, learn and build solutions together. Become a member and start collaborating today!

Civic Hive

To raise a new set of civic tech leaders that transform governance

cat-icon 42 Montgomery Road, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria

Civic Innovation Lab Abuja

Civic Innovation Lab is particularly focused on harnessing innovation, and technology which provide solutions to pressing social and environmental issues.

Civic Labs Belgium

Citizens creating solutions to improve cities and communities in Belgium

Civic Makers Melbourne

It is a collective of people using their skills to create things for the public good. Sometimes this involves tech, sometimes community organising, sometimes it's just talking about and understanding a problem from different points of view.

cat-icon Melbourne VIC, Australia

Civic tech community organizer toolkit

This guide is meant to provide key tips to help you establish successful hacknights.

Civic Tech Connect India

Civic Tech Connect 2018 marked the official launch of the Civic Tech India 2018 Accelerator and brought together entrepreneurs and investors

Civic Tech Innovation Forum in South Africa

Building relationships between government and citizens, and interested in how new technologies could enable better services, communication and accountability

cat-icon 41 Juta St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

Civic Tech Ottawa

Ottawa Civic Tech (YOWCT) is a community of citizens from diverse sectors and experiences who are interested in better understanding our complex social and civic challenges and building solutions at t

Civic Tech YYC

CivicTechYYC is a community based group that is part of a global movement to leverage technology for public good.

cat-icon Calgary, AB, Canada

CivicTech Sweden

Hackathons for Sweden’s Civic Tech community

cat-icon Stockholm, Sweden


CivicWise is an international distributed and open network that promotes citizen engagement, developing concrete actions and projects based on collective intelligence, civic innovation and open design.


CivicWomen is a collaboration of technologists, entrepreneurs, politicos, dreamers and more who believe the Internet and technology can make the world a better place for everyone.

Code for All

An international network of organizations who believe that digital technology opens new channels for citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.

Code for America Brigades

The Code for America Brigade Network is a national alliance of community organizers, developers, and designers that are putting technology to work in service of our local communities.

Code for America Brigades National Advisory Council

The 9 elected Brigade members "represent the needs, ideas, and goals of all the Brigades and strengthen the network and community."

Code for America gov listserv

Code for America is working towards a government by the people, for the people, that works in the 21st century. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps residents and governments harness technology to solve community problems.

Code for America’s Discourse

An online meeting place to discuss how to use civic technology to improve peoples' lives.

cat-icon 972 Mission Street, San Francisco, California, USA

Code for Anchorage

We're a brigade of Code for America, which means that we're a volunteer group of coders who like to work on software projects for the good of our community.

cat-icon Anchorage, AK

Code for Asheville

We are people who care about our community and want to help make it better.

cat-icon Asheville, NC, USA

Code for Atlanta

We're a bunch of civic-minded technologists, designers, and topic experts using our skills to improve Atlanta and the world.

cat-icon Atlanta, GA, USA

Code for Australia

Building a 21st century government, together. We’re working towards a government that is built by and made for everyone.

cat-icon Neighbourhood - 4 Brunswick Pl, 4 Brunswick Place, Fitzroy VIC, Australia

Code for Baltimore

We are a community of volunteers who develop open-source projects as a Code for America Brigade by focusing on open government, open data, great design, and social good in Baltimore.

cat-icon Baltimore, MD

Code for BCS

Code for BCS is a Code for America Brigade (local chapter) focused on improving the lives of residents in Bryan/College Station.

cat-icon College Station-Bryan, TX, TX, USA

Code for Bloomington

Code for Bloomington is an official Code for America Brigade in Bloomington, IN working on projects with government and community partners to improve people’s lives.

cat-icon Bloomington, IN

Code for Boise

Open Boise is an inclusive coalition of civic-minded volunteers that builds, researches, and designs technology to help foster community engagement and improve quality of life for residents of the Treasure Valley.

cat-icon Boise, ID, USA

Code for Boise

Open Boise is an inclusive coalition of civic-minded volunteers that builds, researches, and designs technology to help foster community engagement and improve quality of life for residents of the Treasure Valley.

cat-icon Boise, ID

Code for Boston

Code for Boston addresses local social and civic challenges through creative uses of technology.

cat-icon Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Code for Boulder

Code For Boulder lies within the intersection of tech, data, and community engagement. Boulder is a vibrant city; we join up with local government, non-profits, and community organizers to help bring out the best in the place we call home.

cat-icon Boulder, CO

Code for BTV

You can think of Code for BTV as a pro-bono digital agency working for the public good. We pick meaningful projects and do the research, design, architecture, coding, launch, and communications work to help important organizations work more effectively.

cat-icon Burlington, VT

Code for Buffalo

As a Code for America Brigade, we're part of a national network of civic-minded volunteers using technology for the public good.

cat-icon Buffalo, NY

Code for Canada

We help governments and communities in Canada harness the power of digital.

cat-icon 207-192 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2C2, Canada

Code for Cary

Making our community a better place to live, work, and play through technology.

cat-icon Cary, NC, USA

Code for Chapel Hill

Bridging the gap between local government and human capital in Chapel Hill

cat-icon Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Code for Charlotte

Think volunteer fire brigade for the 21st Century. We are a volunteer citizen brigade. We use technology and advocacy as a tool for open government, open data and civic engagement.

cat-icon Charlotte, NC, USA

Code for Dayton

Making our community a better place to live, work, and play through technology.

cat-icon Dayton, Ohio, USA

Code for DC

Founded in 2012, Code for DC is a non-partisan, non-political group of volunteer civic hackers working together to solve local issues and help people engage with the city.

cat-icon Washington, DC

Code for Denver

We build software to help nonprofits and local government better serve their community.

cat-icon Denver, CO

Code for Durham

Making our community a better place to live, work, and play through technology.

cat-icon Durham, NC, USA

Code for Fort Collins

Code for Fort Collins is a volunteer organization who develops technology-driven solutions to challenges faced by charities, government agencies, and other groups within the city.

cat-icon Fort Collins, CO

Code for Fort Lauderdale

Come join idea-makers, designers, citizen leaders, developers, and data geeks who volunteer to help the Fort Lauderdale government and civic orgs adopt open web technologies.

cat-icon Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Code for France

Put technology at the service of the general interest

cat-icon France

Code for Fresno

A group of coders, designers, government reps, and citizens building a better #Fresno

cat-icon Fresno, California, USA

Code for Germany

The goal of the program is to promote developments in transparency, open data, and civic technology.

Code for Greensboro

Leveraging open civic data and technology to improve access to local government, and community services.

cat-icon Greensboro, NC, USA

Code for Hackensack

We are futurists. We are founders. We are friends.We are the Hackensack Brigade of Code for America.

cat-icon Hackensack, NJ

Code for Hampton Roads

Public access and participation in the digital age, by and with the people of Hampton Roads, Virginia

cat-icon Hampton Roads, Virginia

Code for Hawaii

Code for Hawaii is a Code for America Brigade. We are volunteers interested in open data, open knowledge, civic apps, big data, data visualization, APIs and the application of technology to make our communities better.

cat-icon Honolulu, HI, USA

Code for Ibaraki

It is a non-profit voluntary organization whose base is Ibaraki Prefecture (we call it a community). Code for Ibaraki's

cat-icon Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Code for Iowa

Iowa is known around the country for its abundance of corn, soybeans, and pork. Code for Iowa is about leveraging our lesser-known abundance of technology talent to spur civic innovation.

cat-icon Iowa City, IA

Code for Jersey City

Code for Jersey City is a nonpartisan, civic-tech, volunteer community group that collaborates with local government and community partners. We build new tools that help with local civic issues, advocate for better technology and open government, and provide a space for residents to voice and act on their ideas so that our city can grow for, and by the people.

cat-icon Jersey City, NJ