Media and social media analysis

Tools and datasets that allow us to quantify and study how an idea, meme, or campaign moves through the media ecosystem

We use advance machine learning techniques to dete

Civic Feed

CivicFeed tracks news and government action around

Electome using Twitter firehose

What’s the connection between a campaign issue a

Media Cloud

Media Cloud is an open-source platform for media a

Media Meter

Media Meter was a suite of media analysis tools to


Montage enables teams to work together to analyze

News Frames

Leverage Media Cloud to help Global Voices see pat

Pew New Media Index

The New Media Index is an effort by PEJ to monitor


Plattform für Social-Media-Benchmarking und Socia

Redirect Method

The Redirect Method is focused on reaching those w

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Social Scraper

Social Media Scraper is a tool helping journalists

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Swayable lets political campaigns and brands measu

The Center for Media Engagement

To provide research‐based techniques for engagin

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cat-icon 70 Washington Square South, NY, New York 10012, USA

The Observatory on Social Media

To improve the study of the impact of the internet

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TV News Archive and captions

Welcome to TV NEWS Archive! This research library

Twitter Vote Report

Twitter Vote Report (TVR) was an all-volunteer non


Unfiltered.News maps what important news stories m

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Chatbot to understand public debate