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Foundation for Inclusion Impact Accounting service

Our mission is to empower changemakers and innovators to solve large-scale social problems — strategically and conclusively. We are world's only organization focused exclusively and relentlessly on the end game in social impact: what it will take to achieve ultimate success against the world's most stubborn challenges.


O Impacto.Jor é uma iniciativa para medir o impacto do jornalismo na vida das pessoas, através de um software criado para reportar e agregar impactos.

Measuring the Impact of Open Data

Strong evidence on the long-term impact of open data is scarce, so we're developing a body of research to better evaluate the impact of digital transparency initiatives.

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Network Impact Civic Tech Assessment Reports

The civic tech field has expanded so widely in recent years, it’s hard to think of a major city or an area of civic life that these technologies don’t touch. In this dynamic environment, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has been a field leader, investing over $25 million since 2010 in projects […]

Norman Lear Center

Studying & Shaping the Impact of Entertainment & Media on Society

The Impacts of Civic Tech Conference (TICTeC)

TICTeC is an annual milestone in the Civic Tech world, bringing together researchers, practitioners, and all those with an interest in how technology is changing the way we engage with society.

Who Benefits From Civic Technology? mySociety report

Variations in usage of civic tech across four core countries (US, UK, Kenya and South Africa) and the attitudes of users towards the platforms they are using.