Hyperlocal news and citizen media

Like Neighborhood Forums, but one-to-many. Based on the premise that “citizen reporters” will regularly produce content.


Backfence was a place for community news and info written by you and your neighbors


By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcherDan Gillmor's Bayosphere citizen media project has been acquired by Backfence, a Vienna, Virginia based company that intends to use local communities to generate all online content and sell advertising around it.It is a logical move but it also shows that citizen media is not easy to do. Bayosphere did not...


EveryBlock has partnered with Nextdoor to give EveryBlock members a better neighborhood experience. is an aggregator aimed at creating a place for neighborhoods to share and explore information.


The best breaking news, stories, and events from the Patch network of local news sites

The Dāna Project

Mobile micro-fundraising and awareness platform for charities