Help more people run for office

Tools, resources, databases, and trainings to encourage a more representative group of people to run for office.

21 in 21

An initiative to elect at least 21 women to the 51-member NYC Council by 2021.

Action for America

Action for America (AFA) is a 501(c)(4) political advocacy with a mission to reimagine politics and reinvigorate government. We are committed to expanding the pipeline of next generation leaders to run for office, building a nationwide grassroots movement to support these candidates, and cultivating a new marketplace of ideas to provide a community for the politically homeless.

Answering the Call candidate training

Answering the Call, a leadership development experience designed to help service alumni explore their interest in potentially seeking political office.

cat-icon 9 East St, Boston, Massachusetts


Start a new political campaign and begin crowdfunding in minutes. Support candidates and causes you agree with. Crowdpac is your home for impacting politics.

Emerge America

Are you a Democratic woman who wants to run for office? Our candidate training programs prepare women to run and win. Let us help you!

cat-icon 1440 G Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

Rise To Run

Rise to Run: A movement to mobilize young progressive women to run for office.

Run for Something

Helping recruit and support under-35 year old progressives running for down-ballot office to build a Democratic bench.

She Should Run

She Should Run is dedicated to dramatically increasing the number of women in public leadership by eliminating barriers to success. Join She Should Run and step up to inspire more women and girls to consider a future run.

The Arena

We convene, connect, and support the next generation of civic leaders.

The Local Office Function Index

The Local Office Function Index (LOFI) is a standardized, nationwide dataset of what your elected officials are responsible for and how you can engage with them.

cat-icon Chicago, IL, USA

Tous élus

Training and empowering young people to help them run for office in 2020

cat-icon Paris, France