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18F Modular Contracting guide

Modular Contracting and Agile Development in government.

3 ways local government can improve procurement

Mariel Reed served as an Innovation Strategist for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, where she helped grow Startup in Residence into a national network connecting cities with startups. She recently founded CoProcure to help local governments find, buy, and share high-quality technology products from a more diverse group of vendors via streamlined, Read More

5 Calls

Spend 5 minutes. Make 5 calls. Make your voice heard.


Government software that streamlines land, permitting, asset, licensing, right-of-way, legislative management, and resource and recreation management processes.


AnimaCité est une application mobile de consultation citoyenne à l'échelle locale.

Behavior Change for Good Initiative

StepUp is a free habit building, science-based workout program developed by the Behavior Change for Good Initiative. The program is being launched in partnership with 24 Hour Fitness.

Bernie TV

His live videos now regularly draw more viewers than CNN. So is this a 2020 strategy? It sure could be.


Incubated by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Casebook PBC is the developer of Casebook, the only purpose-build person-centric Human Services platform.

Change Decision Makers is the web's leading platform for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.


Ciklograd je web servis kojim želimo dapovećamo informisanost, bezbjednost i brojnost učesnika u biciklističkom saobraćaju u Podgorici.

“[T]he technology infrastructure that government departments use to do their internal work or deliver services to their “customers” ie. citizens. Around here, we like to say govtech is the “operating system” of government.”

– Ron Bouganim, Founder and Managing Partner of the Govtech Fund

“A new wave of technology is changing the way our countries – and local and
federal governments as well as arms-length agencies – collect taxes, deliver
services, distribute welfare, maintain security and much more. In time, and perhaps
a surprisingly short time, the whole way the state engages with its citizens will
be different. Driving this change is the rise of GovTech, new technologies applied
to public services and specifically designed for government purposes.”
– Govtech, Europe’s next opportunity, by Public and Accenture