This is our collection of fundraising tech. The nearly 40 tools and platforms here seek to reinvent donation solicitation and collection, employee matching of funds, and other aspects of getting money in the door.


We're a nonprofit fundraising platform for campaigns and organizations and the small-dollar donors who support them

cat-icon ActBlue, Summer Street, Somerville, MA, USA


Actfully helps people support causes they care about, by integrating good deeds into their daily routine. Users input their interests and availability, and Actfully notifies them of quick, relevant, and rewarding opportunities to get involved throughout their day.

Agora for Good

Build your virtual foundation. Support the causes you care about.


Beckton is an open source tool for creating a new group of paying members, but only if enough people agree to join to make it worth while.

cat-icon Direct Relief, 6100 Wallace Becknell Road, Santa Barbara, California 93117, USA

Call Time

Online political fundraising tools powered by artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics. Call Time provides online donor research and an automated fundraising platform.


CallTime.AI is making fundraising faster, smarter, and more successful through automation and artificial intelligence.

cat-icon Los Angeles, California, USA


Learn about and give to any of Canada's 85,000 charities online.

CivVic Labs

CivVic Labs brings government and startups together to solve public sector challenges and deliver better outcomes for Victorians.

cat-icon Australia


Formerly StayClassy, Classy’s online fundraising platform gives nonprofits easy, effective, and customizable solutions to manage your fundraising efforts.


CrowdRise is a fundraising site to raise money for your personal causes and get instant access to the funds. We’re the #1 fundraising website for personal causes and charity.

Democracy Engine

Democracy Engine offers a suite of fundraising tools to empower donors to support the organizations and issues they care about at any level, in any party, in any state.

cat-icon Washington DC
cat-icon The Hearst Building, 5 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Donors Choose connects teachers in high-need communities with donors who want to help.