Data visualization tools and platforms

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Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a data-visualization, data analysis, and storytelling collective documenting dispossession and resistance upon gentrifying landscapes.

BetaNYC Slam

SLA Mapper (SLAM) is a tool that aggregates data that community boards often have to gather in order to review liquor license applications and sidewalk cafe applications. Displaying this information in a unified view saves community boards considerable time and resources.

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Empowers users to discover issues and trends within their district’s boundaries.

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Cities and towns of all sizes are struggling to ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency along the curb. Coord makes it easy to collect, manage, and share curb data.


With Datasketch Apps you can create data visualizations in seconds and empower users to analyze data faster with access to open information repositories curated by journalists and researchers.

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DataViva is opening up data for the entire formal sector of the Brazilian economy through more than 1 billion interactive visualizations.

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Dominion makes data available to help add context and authority to public discourse and policy-making on vital issues of land ownership.

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Enforcement Proceedings Map

The interactive map of over-indebtedness in the Czech Republic based on real data from Central register of enforcement proceedings (financial executions)

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Supporting the transformation of cities towards a more sustainable mobility through data analysis and digital communication.

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Fogo Cruzado

Fogo Cruzado (Cross-fire) is a laboratory of data on armed violence that aggregates and makes data and information available through an application for mobile technology combined with a database. It is a collaborative digital platform that aims to record the incidence of shootings and the prevalence of armed violence in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro and Recife.

cat-icon Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Follow The Money Nigeria

We advocate, visualize and track government spending and international aid, and let you know how effective it has been in our rural communities.

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Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy: Data Tool

Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy is a data visualization platform featuring tens of thousands of grants, available to anyone interested in understanding philanthropy's role in U.S. democracy