Data schemas and standards

Formats designed to structure data, which then enables interoperability, analysis, and software development.


A specification of the civic.json metadata standar

Clearspending Russia

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DataMade is a civic technology company. We build o

Green Button

The Green Button initiative is an industry-led eff

Joined Up Data Standards

We aim to improve how standard-setting bodies, dat


LogCheck's mobile app is the easiest way to stay o


Mark43 is reinventing public safety software appli

Open Eligibility

The Open Eligibility Project is an initiative of A

Open Hunting & Fishing

Rendering hunting and fishing regulations as open

Open Procurement

OpenProcurementOpenProcurement is an open source e


Free and Open Company Data on 135 million companie

Popolo Project

International open government data specifications.

Represent Canada

Find the elected officials and electoral districts

Shared, open cross-government standards make servi

Wayfindr with TfL

we have developed the world's first internationall