Data analysis


Øptimus predicts future consumer and constituent behavior using our proprietary software for data modeling, scientific testing, and audience targeting.

Beyond Uptake leverages Uptake's people, technology and expertise to address the world's most pressing problems.

Climate Modeling in Colombia

In a cross-sector partnership led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture, The Clima y Sector Agropecuario Colombiano (Colombian Climate and Agricultural Sector; CSAC) provides meteorological data to farmers along with data on the economics and agronomy of rice cultivation.

Data Analysts for Social Good

We are the place where social sector professionals gain the data skills they need to succeed.

Data Haven

At DataHaven, our mission is to improve quality of life by collecting, interpreting and sharing public data for effective decision-making


Harnessing the power of data science in the service of humanity.

Excel for Census Data

Excel and Census Data Workshop Instructors Guide


Flowminder Foundation is a registered non-profit entity based in Stockholm, Sweden, Our mission is to improve public health outcomes by working with NGOs and government agencies with method development, capacity building, and implementation and scaling of processes relating to collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating anonymized mobile phone location data and satellite data.

Harvard’s Malaria Tracking Research

Researchers used satellite and cell phone data to map how malaria spreads throughout Namibia and show where elimination efforts have the greatest impact.

Open Data Durban

Open Data Durban is a civic technology lab that advocates for open data, open government, civic technology, and positive social change in Durban, SA.

Pew Research Center data

Pew Research Center makes most of its datasets available for download once reporting has been completed for a given study. Here's how to find and access our data.

Policing Inequity Database

Data and tools for law enforcement agencies and social science researchers; helping communities be stronger through data and dialog.


Data Science Consulting for Smart Products and Effective Strategy

The Impact Lab

We're launching the analytics platform for smarter social services.