Crowdsourced data collection

Platforms that allow a variety of people to contribute data to a common collection.


The Apollo DemTool is a powerful system for compiling, managing, and analyzing citizen reports from an election monitoring mission.


First real-time map of auroral visibility based on user contributions and crowd sourcing.

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Tell us about your collisions and near-misses, so we can build the evidence base for improvements, together

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CommonSpace is a map-based data collection mobile application that makes it easier to record observations of human activities in open spaces — a method known as public life studies.


An investigative series deploying algorithms to detect copy-paste legislation

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Crisis Commons

CrisisCommons seeks to advance and support the use of open data and volunteer technology communities to catalyze innovation in crisis management and global development. CrisisCommons is a global community of volunteers from technology, crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens that are working together to build and use technology tools to help respond to disasters…

Crowdsourced Facebook ad targeting campaign

Sie haben geholfen, Trump zum Präsidenten zu machen. Sie haben den Brexit befeuert. Jetzt spielen sie auch im deutschen Wahlkampf eine Rolle: sogenannte "Dark Ads". BuzzFeed News macht diese dunklen Anzeigen nun transparent.

DC Domestic Violence Court Watch Project

The mission of the DC Domestic Violence Court Watch Project is to create transparency and data-driven information through court monitoring to ensure that all victims of domestic violence have equal access to a clear, fair and consistent judicial process that prioritizes victim safety and offender accountability.

cat-icon Washington, DC

Europol Trace an Object

The most innocent clues can sometimes help crack a case. The objects are all taken from the background of an image with sexually explicit material involving minors. For all images below, every other investigative avenue has already been examined. Therefore we are requesting your assistance in identifying the origin of some of these objects. We are convinced that more eyes will lead to more leads and will ultimately help to save these children.

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Data about every national legislature in the world, freely available for you to use.

Facebook Political Ad Collector

The Political Ad Collector is a tool you add to your Web browser. It copies the ads you see on Facebook, so anyone, on any part of the political spectrum, can see them in our public database.

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Google MapMaker

Google Map Maker officially closed on March 31, 2017, and many of its features are being integrated into Google Maps.Since 2008, the Google Map Maker community has edited and moderated millions of f

Humanity Road

Humanity Road is a disaster response 501c3 charity specializing in sourcing critical information and resources when disaster strikes.

Hush City

With Hush City app, you are an active part of a soundscape and citizen science research project to map and evaluate everyday quiet areas.

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See today's trending polls and ideas on civic engagement and politics.


Investigate how weather and climate change are impacting our communities and environment.


KoBoToolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments. Our software is free and open source. Most of our users are people working in humanitarian crises, as well as aid professionals and researchers working in developing countries.

Library of Single Audits and CAFRs

Contains over 200,000 Government Financial Documents

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Collect the place-based data you need using our easy mobile tools and web dashboard. Create your own survey or engage around community health, safety, commercial development, blight, historic resources, and more. Quickly export your data for Excel or as a Shapefile.


We train youth to produce high quality data about community assets that everyone can use to improve the human condition.

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Michigan Moonshot

The Michigan Moonshot aims to leverage public and private partnerships to connect everyone in rural Michigan, regardless of geography.


Supporting Disaster Response. With a Single Click!

Mobile Justice

Watchdogging apps for voter suppression, police brutality, and bullying


Montage enables teams to work together to analyze and tag YouTube videos


OpenPaths (, a secure datastore for personal location info.


Create greener communities and explore our urban forests, together.

Ride Report

From bikes to scooters and everything in between, dockless mobility offers cities a range of new options and challenges. Ride Report is your comprehensive toolset to manage emerging mobility services.

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Shareabouts is a mapping application for crowdsourced info gathering.


SONYC is currently seeking citizen scientists to help address NYC’s noise by annotating audio clips for our machine learning technology.

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Source Africa

Africa's premier repository for actionable documents

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Sprawdzamy Jak Jest

a tool to crowdsource answers to FOIA request. For every FOIA sent, you also create a webform asking the same questions. When answer comes volunteers fill-in the form and their results are cross-checked with other volunteers.

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Microsoft and the Clooney Foundation for Justice have teamed up to create TrialWatch, an app designed to help human rights advocates more easily monitor legal proceedings around the world.


U-Report is a free SMS social monitoring tool for community participation, designed to address issues that people care about

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Helping people raise their voice and those who serve them to listen and respond better

Victorian Biodiversity Atlas

crowdsourcing environmental data across Victoria.

cat-icon Victoria, Australia

Weather Rescue

Help unearth some of the UK's earliest weather records for British Science Week

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