Systems that document, distribute, and otherwise make legible the legislative process.

Bill To Text turns PDFs of federal legislation into text files. It provides a formatted document that you can download and edit with a word processor program.


Find any State or Federal bill and, if you like, share it live through social media

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Citizen CoSponsor

Yesterday, House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, introduced " Citizen Cosponsor, " ...


Bringing the town hall to your citizens

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Civic Eagle

Civic Eagle helps organizations win their policy advocacy campaigns with easy to use software that makes legislative tracking faster, smarter, and more collaborative.

Civil Kapocs

civilkapocs blog alsónémedi - segítünk tisztán látni

CO/COUNSEl making the law accessible through crowdsourced legal maps. Browse the law in a map or in the easy-to-use columns. Contribute and be recognized. Become a thought leader in your field. Be a hero! Free the law and help make the nation a fairer place.

Congress on anything

The latest bills and statements by members of Congress on the topics you care about

U.S. Congress legislation, Congressional Record debates, Members of Congress, legislative process educational resources presented by the Library of Congress

Constitution App

an ingenious tool that lets Zambian citizens participate in the country’s ongoing constitution-drafting process—effectively allowing almost any Zambian adult to help forge the nation.


CONSUL is a tool that allows a city to develop with little time and safely processes of citizen participation on the Internet.


An investigative series deploying algorithms to detect copy-paste legislation

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Search, browse, subscribe and comment on your City Council bills, council members and events.


Countable is a citizen’s dashboard to democracy, combining a decoder for Washington policymaking with civic action in one place.

Using public engagement to improve the quality, effectiveness and legitimacy of the lawmaking process. This is a draft version 1.0 of the report (dated October 12, 2017 ) and will be updated in November.

CrowdLaw Communiqué

Designed for interested public officials, technologists, politicians and researchers, the CrowdLaw Communiqué features curated news, interviews, announcements, and recommended readings on the…

Crowdlaw Manifesto

A statement of 12 principles for online, participatory lawmaking.

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DemocracyOS is an online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals. The software aims to stimulate better arguments and come to better rulings.

Direct Democracy Database

The Direct Democracy Database allows users to explore the different ways direct democracy is used in different countries.


An open-source tool that makes government regulations easier to find, read, and understand.


GovRight provides citizens the opportunity to understand and contribute to government and legislation.

Tracking legislation and votes in the United States Congress.

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Hamdam is a classic period and ovulation tracker with a twist: a significant function of the app is to help familiarize Iranian women with their reproductive and legal rights.

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Hong Kong Legislative Council / 立法會

Data analysis and visualization of Hong Kong's legislative activity

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Knomos employs modern app frameworks and design principles grounded in the user experience to deliver more powerful legal tools.


Konveio turns regular PDFs into social documents for draft reviews, interactive reports, digital workshops or immersive guides and training materials.

La Fabrique de la Loi

Explorez l'évolution de la loi au fil de la procédure parlementaire avec La Fabrique de la Loi ! Plus de 800 textes de loi promulgués depuis 2008 à explorer pour mieux comprendre comment les parlementaires influent sur la loi

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Brazil's parliamentary innovation unit

cat-icon Brasília - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil

Una plataforma para crear la Constitución de Todos, entre Todos.

cat-icon Chile

The official home of UK legislation, revised and as enacted 1267-present.


GovRight provides citizens the opportunity to understand and contribute to government and legislation.


Open Data meets Liquid Democracy

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Liquid US empowers subject matter experts to weigh in on upcoming legislative votes from City Council to Congress.

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Huffington Post, owned by AOL, acquired the grassroots-engagement website Localocracy and plans to launch four more sites this week.


Legislation and regulations that impact your life are written every day. With Madison, you can work directly with the sponsors of these documents.

Nos député

Observatory of parlamientary activity

cat-icon Paris, France

Nos Sénateurs

Observatoire citoyen de l'activité parlementaire au Sénat


Observatoire citoyen de l'activité parlementaire à l'Assemblée nationale

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NY Senate Bill Alerts

The New York State Senate's bill alerts makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date on the bills that are important to you in the New York State Legislature. Subscribers receive timely email notifications for important milestones in the lifecycle of a bill.

Open By-laws South Africa

Open By-laws South Africa is a project to help South Africans be more informed about the legislation that governs them.

Open States

Follow politics in your state legislature. Find your legislators, see how they vote and browse bills, committees and events.


Sometimes, collaboration means an overt step forward. Other times it's a step to the side. With this in mind, we're bidding farewell to OpenCongress and redirecting users to GovTrack.


Cosa fanno i tuoi rappresentanti? Tutte le attività parlamentari aggiornate quotidianamente.

هذا الموقع يسلط الضوء على تعديلات القانون الجنائي المغربي التي جاءت بها مسودة المشروع . كما يمنح الموقع للزوار إمكانية المشاركة عن طريق التصويت والتعليق.

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Pauta Participativa

invites citizens to help set Parliament's agenda with a sophisticated form of ranked voting that allows them to express more nuanced preferences than traditional first-past-the-post systems

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PeakMetrics tracks news and government action around the clock, so you save time and react faster.


Contigo, construimos el cambio político en nuestro país. Sí se puede. ¡Podemos!

Represent by Pro Publica

See what your representatives in Congress say and do.

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Shine Your Eye

Keeping our eyes on members of Nigeria's National Assembly!

cat-icon Nigeria

TheConstitution of All

Una plataforma para crear la Constitución de Todos, entre Todos.

They Vote For You

Discover how your MP votes on the issues that matter to you.

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The Library of Congress announced that the legislative information website THOMAS is scheduled to stop functioning on July 5, with…

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Vote iQ connects voters & elected officials. We help you learn about issues, simplify the election process,...


Discover the web's most comprehensive professional resource on Congress. 2014 WebbyAward Winner. Vote on bills and send your message to Congress.


The Wahl-O-Mat is an online tool that aims to assist and mobilize voters in Germany. A questionnaire on key issues is submitted to political parties, who respond stating whether they agree or disagree with various statements or take a neutral position. Voters can then respond to the same statements online. The Wahl-O-Mat shows users the parties they most agree with.Designed by Armin Berger, Sonia Binder and Jennifer Rahn of 3pc GmbH Neue Kommunikation for Federal Agency for Civic Education

Österreichs erfolgreichste Politik-Orientierungshilfe im Internet


lets citizens collaboratively draft and edit legislative texts, as well as upvote and downvote individual clauses

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Xcential provides SaaS-based solutions enable legislatures and regulatory to more efficiently create/publish legislation and regulations.

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Zakonodajni Monitor

The Legislative Monitor is a user-friendly interactive tool that provides a unique insight into the adoption of legislation in Slovenia and a review of the activities of Members of the National Assembly.