Abhi Nemani’s Civic Tech course

University of Chicago Computational Analytics and

cat-icon The University of Chicago, South Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Calling Bullshit course

Each of our lectures will explore one specific fac

Campaign Bootcamp

Learn how to run powerful campaigns this Autumn! A

Citizen interaction design

in which students are partnered with a local commu

cat-icon Michigan, USA

Design for America

Design for America is an idea incubator, a motivat

cat-icon The New School, East 13th Street, New York, NY, USA

Digidem Lab

Digidem Lab skapar framtidens processer för demok

cat-icon The George Washington University, I Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

International School for Transparency


cat-icon Vilnius, Lithuania

Justice Innovation Startup Lab

Learn about design thinking, justice innovation, a

cat-icon University of Southern California LA
cat-icon M.I.T, Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA

Open Tactics

This resource is developed by and for open governm

PeoplesHub is an online interactive school where y

Securing Digital Democracy

Securing Digital Democracy from University of Mich