Coronavirus Engagement Projects

Ask Nameesa

Nameesa, which is an AI powered conversational and personal engagement platform that automatically responds to people inquiries about Coronavirus (COVID-19) with information from credible sources such as WHO and Ministry of Health.

COVID Memorial

The COVID Memorial is a place to share remembrances of loved ones lost to the coronavirus pandemic, and to encourage public health measures that can prevent more deaths in the future.


A knowledge base website that collects public health information on the novel coronavirus from WHO, CDC, NYS, and NYC. – Data proti Covid

COVID19CZ je společná aktivita několika českých technologických firem a IT nadšenců zaměřená na pomoc v boji s nákazou COVID-19.

A crowdsourcing platform, run by volunteers, to share useful and verified information on the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy

cat-icon Roma, RM, Italia

CovidX Daily Digest email

Luminate Group's daily email digest of findings across the following topics: Data platforms and privacy-preserved tracingNovel testing for both COVID-19 and antibodiesTreatments and vaccine developmentDecentralized supply chains and open-source hardwareVulnerable populations and protecting at-risk groupsStrengthening the safety net to deliver aid and preserve/create jobsHealth system and workforce protections and capacityPublic-private partnership opportunitiesOpen innovation initiatives

Deutschland Zusammen

For more general tasks, including things like walking pets or sending mail, Deutschland Zusammen, or Germany Together, connects those willing to help

Digital Health Lab

At Meedan’s Digital Health Lab we are researching, designing and testing a digital response framework for addressing health misinformation online, centered around accessibility and equity.