Communicating with the people

Tools and platforms that share official communications and democratic processes


Agora uses machine learning + natural language processing to discover actionable insights in large-scale conversations.


AnimaCité est une application mobile de consultation citoyenne à l'échelle locale.

Article One

Fireside specializes in creating the most innovative and easy-to-use tools to help Congressional offices connect with their constituents more efficiently.

cat-icon Washington, DC, USA

Audiencias Interativas

livestreams video from the committee debates in Brasilia, and includes a chat window designed to let citizens ask questions, vote on others' questions, and generally chat about the proceedings with other viewers

cat-icon Brasília - Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil

Axon Vibe

Axon Vibe provides smartphone app technology that enables public transport operators to deliver personalized communications based on users’ commuting behavior.

cat-icon Lucerne, Switzerland

Bernie TV

His live videos now regularly draw more viewers than CNN. So is this a 2020 strategy? It sure could be.

Caminos de la Villa

Caminos de la Villa es una plataforma de acción ciudadana que permite acceder de manera sencilla a la información vinculada con los procesos de urbanización en las villas de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y ver de qué manera se están llevando adelante. ¡Sumate!

cat-icon Thames 1024, DCV, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Legislative district matching and elected official data


Bringing the town hall to your citizens

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Our Citywide solution is designed for cities, counties, special districts, and regional commissions who want to administer multiple projects on one platform.


Using signals gathered from citizens, either actively and passively, combined with available data sets, Consensus AI helps governments understand their citizens at a much deeper level.


Search, browse, subscribe and comment on your City Council bills, council members and events.

CouncilStat NYC

The Queens West Villager is a collaborative, online, local newspaper for Long Island City, NY.


coUrbanize is a community engagement platform that helps residents, real estate developers, city planners, and municipalities build better cities together.

The number one reason people give for not getting involved in an issue or election is that they don’t know how. Solving this problem led us to create Our groundbreaking free-to-join platform makes citizen action as easy as buying a book online.

Founded in 2001 by technology experts, DotGov communications is the leading supplier of innovative communications solutions to government.

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Urban Interactive Studio helps communities engage more people in fun and effective ways

Facebook Local Alerts

Allows local governments to notify residents with important information

cat-icon Menlo Park, California, USA

FEMA Community Alerting Protocol

This section contains information about the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), an international standard that is used by IPAWS to send public alerts and warnings.


Supporting the transformation of cities towards a more sustainable mobility through data analysis and digital communication.

cat-icon Platz der Luftbrücke 4-6, 12101, Berlin, Germany


FixMyTransport was a mySociety project running from 2011 to 2015. It allowed passengers to send complaints directly to transport operators.


Fluicity est une solution d’engagement citoyen, qui permet la prise de décision collective autour des sujets d’intérêt général.

cat-icon 4 Rue du Caire, 75002 Paris, France

Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service in Vermont.


Effective cloud communications tools are the key to reaching and engaging citizens - all while enhancing transparency and building trust.


Granicus empowers modern digital government with the latest in cloud technology that connects 160 million people with over 4,000 government organizations at the local, state and federal levels.


It provided an easy way for constituents to sign up to hear from their MPs, and a simple online forum for discussion.


Citizen Engagement tools and services for city governments


Involved is an application that connects you with all of your elected officials through polling and direct messaging

Measured Voice

Measured Voice is a social media management tool for government.


MetroQuest is public involvement software with a track record of award-winning planning projects. Engage thousands, gain insight, build community support.


This was an online platform that community groups can use to develop online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing and information-sharing.

cat-icon New York, NY, USA


Neocity est la référence des applications mobiles pour Villes, Communes et EPCI. Choisissez l'application mobile pour Maire la plus plébiscitée en

cat-icon France


Nextdoor is the free private social network for your neighborhood community.

Notices from SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix makes it easy for neighbors to request information and services from local service providers. But what about when these organizations need to reach out to the public to give them useful information and important updates?


Open.Media is the nonprofit online transparency portal for governments of all sizes. Open.Media allows you to upload, timestamp and archive video of meetings and proceedings with searchable, automated transcriptions.


Intelligence driving public sector performance

cat-icon Australia

Peak Democracy

Peak Democracy Inc is a nonpartisan company that provides Open Town Hall - a cloud-based online citizen engagement platform that increases participation and builds public trust in government.

cat-icon 1900 Addison St, Berkeley, California 94704, United States

Public engagement toolkit

Effective public engagement is not easy to achieve. This roadmap helps organizations get to where they want to go.


Seneca Systems was founded to strengthen the vital bond between government and people. Its Constituent Services Platform, Romulus, enables government workers to get more done in less time, with less overhead, and to more constituent applause.


Join more than 1,000 government organizations using Socrata to put their data online, share insights, and make data-driven decisions.

It's time to forge stronger connections between NYC citizens and city decision makers.

The Center for Communication and Civic Renewal

To support the development of tools to study state and regional communication systems

cat-icon Madison, Wisconsin, USA


U-Report is a free SMS social monitoring tool for community participation, designed to address issues that people care about

cat-icon Uganda


Veovo instantly measures the number of passengers moving through a subway station to identify crowding and make service more efficient. The MTA can use this information to improve the deployment of staff to stations, change train distribution and plan more efficient station design.

cat-icon Auckland, New Zealand


Vizalytics creates custom contextual insights from open and private data for enterprise, government, and institutional clients. Our Knowledge Graph senses context for users based on their unique circumstances, draws targeted conclusions from disparate data sets, notifies users, and suggests how to react. The Knowledge Graph enables our customers and their users to go about their business, driven by data but free from the need to find and manage it.


Activism platform Causes has just acquired political advocacy startup Votizen. With Causes' massive 186 million-strong user base and Votizen's tools, together they'll break down barriers to civic engagement to allow anyone to influence elections. Negotiated by mutual investor Sean Parker, the deal gives people a way to turn out votes for candidates who support the Causes they're passionate about.


Votus is a civictech platform that bridges the gap.

Where’s my school bus?

Our program offers real-time tracking of school buses through a mobile web app. We hope that — in a small way — this creates a better experience for parents and students.