Engagement tech

Perhaps the core premise of civic tech is that it can improve civic engagement. Whether in concert with formal governmental bodies or independent of them, civic tech promises to help citizens (in the Latin sense, of the city) engage with one another to share power in the pursuit of building just societies.

18F Eligibility Rules Project

Exploring a new way to make eligibility rules easier to implement

3 ways local government can improve procurement

Mariel Reed served as an Innovation Strategist for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, where she helped grow Startup in Residence into a national network connecting cities with startups. She recently founded CoProcure to help local governments find, buy, and share high-quality technology products from a more diverse group of vendors via streamlined, Read More

A Public Space for Public Discourse

Bring a healthy new energy to your city’s conversations, and build trust with your community along the way.

Abierto al publico

In "Abierto al Público" we explore the use of open knowledge through data, code and other media.

cat-icon Inter-American Development Bank, New York Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, USA


Digital platform and methodology to open local governments

cat-icon Santiago, Chile