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Acronym toolkit of digital organizing tools

At Acronym, we’re building a new campaign playbook. We believe the way we communicate has evolved, the electorate is online and when we invest in digital media and organizing strategies to move the needle, we will win more elections + leave behind the infrastructure we need to build lasting political power. At Acronym, we’re building […]


Discover the most innovative ideas and solutions in government everywhere. Connect with the people behind them.

cat-icon The Conduit, 40 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YQ, England, UK

Apolitical’s Government Innovation Lab Directory

Mapped: The innovation labs transforming government — and how to get in touch

cat-icon London, England

Asset declarations map

This is an assessment of efficiency and functioning of asset disclosure systems in 18 CEE countries.

cat-icon Europe


Learn from your local government officials & staff about the smart, safe, and sustainable solutions working in their communities

cat-icon San Diego, CA, USA


An initiative to examine whether and how blockchain technologies can be used for social change.

cat-icon 2 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Catalogue of all projects working to solve Misinformation and Disinformation

This article is my attempt to create and maintain a comprehensive list of projects attempting to address the misinformation and disinformation problem in a scalable, systemic fashion. Efforts which…


At the heart of CharityBase is the most comprehensive source of public data on charities in the UK.

cat-icon Newspeak House, Bethnal Green Road, London, UK

Civic Commons wiki

The Civic Commons Wiki was a collaborative encyclopedia documenting best-practices and open standards for file formats, APIs, agile development processes, open source software, and supporting policies and licenses in the civic sector.

Civic Projects Directory

Browse our community’s project directory to identify where you can volunteer.

Civic Stack

Herramientas de código abierto para acciones políticas y sociales.

cat-icon Paris, France

Civic Tech Field Guide

Sharing Knowledge And Productively Growing The Field

cat-icon Civic Hall, New York, NY, USA

Civic Tech Innovation Database (South Africa)

The Civic Tech Innovation Database is a living collection of civic tech initiatives in South Africa.

cat-icon Johannesburg, South Africa


The CLARITY project brings together stakeholder networks across Europe into an engaged and mobilised community that supports innovation in open eGovernment applications.

Code for America API

The Code for America API. Tracks and motivates activity and participation across the civic technology movement.

Code for Poland’s project catalog

Zostań koordynatorem projektu lub dołącz do rozwijanych projektów jako członek interdyscyplinarnego zespołu. Przejdź przez proces tworzenia projektu od analizy wymagań po ogólnopolskie wdrożenie.

Sharing America's Code. Unlock the tremendous potential of the Federal Government’s software

cat-icon Washington, DC

Data Smart Solution Search

This searchable database indexes visual and geospatial solutions to critical urban problems.

cat-icon 2410 E Interlaken Blvd, Seattle, WA, USA

Digital Impact

Digital Impact (formerly Markets for Good) is an initiative of the Digital Civil Society Lab to improve the data infrastructure for social good and help civil society organizations use digital resources safely, ethically and effectively.

Election Tech Handbook

A crowdsourced resource for technologists building things for the (probably) upcoming general election

cat-icon United Kingdom

Explora Latam

Map of Open Data, Civic Technology and social innovation in Latin America

cat-icon South America

Humanitarian Data Exchange

Find, share and use humanitarian data all in one place

Humanitarian Knowledge Base

Airtable with tools for digital humanitarian work

cat-icon San Francisco, CA, USA


Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Technology Decisions

Impact Tracker Tech Catalog



Share and reuse Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens

cat-icon European Commission, Rue Philippe Le Bon, Brussels, Belgium

Justice Tech

A curated list of 175 criminal justice data and technology projects.


cases of democratic technology in Latin America from eighteen countries in a twenty-six year period (1990-2016)

cat-icon Berlin, Germany


The Liane project is a box of technologies and methodologies open to promote political renewal campaigns in Latin America, which organizes the intelligence that has been produced in the field and provides digital technologies with the objective of increasing the competitiveness of low-cost and high-level electoral campaigns intensity.

cat-icon Latin America

Mapa da Inovação Política

The largest and most extensive mapping of emerging political practices in Latin America.

cat-icon Brazil

Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

Access international case studies, research and innovation tools.

cat-icon Paris, France

OGP Toolbox

The OGP Toolbox is a free software initially developed by Etalab, the Prime Minister taskforce in charge of open data and open government French policy, on behalf of the Open Government Partnership community.

cat-icon France

Open Data Atlas

Alle Open Data Portale in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.


Anyone can join the Participedia community and help crowdsource, catalogue and compare participatory political processes around the world.

Prototype Fund Projects Catalog

A collection of the many projects the Prototype Fund has supported, including many civic tech and open data projects.

cat-icon Singerstraße 109, 10179 Berlin, Germany


A metadata description standard for public software

Responsible Innovation COMPASS

Responsible Innovation COMPASS is an EU-funded project that supports Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from emerging technology industries to manage their research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner.

cat-icon Welthandelsplatz, Vienna, Vienna, Austria


Real science we can do together. Join a #citizenscience project (we feature 2500+).

Social Source Commons

Social Source Commons is a place to share lists of software tools that you already use, gain knowledge and support, and discover new tools

Solutions Journalism Story Tracker

The Solutions Story Tracker® is a curated, database of rigorous reporting on responses to the world's most pressing social problems.

The Internet of Ownership

The Internet of Ownership is a resource for the emerging online democratic economy.

cat-icon New York City

The ODI’s private data for cities collection

Crowdsourced examples of private sector data for public good

cat-icon London, UK

The Public Impact Observatory

The Public Impact Observatory Welcome to our Public Impact Observatory, a unique database of public policy case studies. Using our Public Impact Fundamentals we have analysed hundreds of examples of public policy succeeding or failing, drawing out the key lessons for future policy work

TransparenCEE’s Community directory

Learn about organizations in the region and the tools which they have developed.


Zuela is a civic engagement, social networking platform aimed at promoting good governance. We are committed to creating a good community that is free from major issues affecting our society today.

cat-icon California