Civic fiction

Creative and innovative fiction projects exploring different issues related to civic tech. From tv programs to educate people about legal rights to documentaries and novels that explore social justice and civic imagination.


"The app that takes in tons of data and computes the right time to talk gun safety"

Civic Studios

The production house focuses on creating content in the genre of Civic Entertainment, i.e. films, TV, digital content, radio content, etc. which can be used to encourage civic participation with public institutions, and thus strengthen democracy.

Count the Nation

The USC Annenberg Innovation Lab and Wise Entertainment have assembled a powerful coalition of experts in media, communications, data, technology and journalism to ensure everyone knows how much census participation benefits their community.

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How do you like it so far?

How Do You Like It So Far uses pop culture to take soundings of a society in transition, exploring intersections with civic imagination and engagement, and social and political change. Henry Jenkins and Colin Maclay are your guides on this adventure.

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The Training Commission

The Training Commission is a speculative fiction email newsletter about the compromises and consequences of using technology to reckon with collective trauma.


A man awakens from a coma and speaks a fully-developed but unknowable language that baffles linguists from all over the world.

Wise Entertainment

Wise Entertainment is an award winning independent studio that develops, creates and produces content that lives at the intersection of entertainment, social justice and civic imagination. Their “proof of concept” was the hit drama series East Los High.

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