Apps to support civic action through chat and messaging technologies

Aunt Meiyu

A Taiwanese developer Carol created a chatbot called Aunt Meiyu on popular messaging app LINE. Aunt Meiyu is designed to combat disinformation circulated in private chat group, especially family chat groups

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Dr.Message 防詐達人

which is true and which is false? Pass it to me and know right away! //臉書網頁優惠商品、免費Line貼圖、朋友傳的買一送一好康,到底哪些是真哪個是假?傳給我馬上知道!

Food bot

they offer great potential for both the sharing and receiving of useful information on food security.

Legal Chat

Legal Services Commission of South Australia’s Legal Chat service provides live chat support during working hours.

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Tool for creating small online group discussions around an issue, originally created for political campaigning in the US