One of the key modalities in organizing a campaign is talking to other people. Canvassing apps help organize and optimize that work.

Minivan 8

Forget clipboards and data entry. Mobile canvassing with MiniVAN 8 provides a better, more intuitive canvassing experience for everyone involved.

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Open Field

OpenField is a canvassing application for more complex conversations that can push richer qualitative context back into a central repository of voter-insights.

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At Organizer, we strive to build the tools you need to make canvassing and field outreach efficient, effective, and accountable.

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Polis App

10% less door-to-door walking time. Automatically generated walk lists.

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Polis Inc.

[P]rimarily used for door to door sales in industries like solar and home alarm systems. it was used by the Beto for Texas campaign in 2018 by volunteers to knock over 3 million doors.

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