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18F builds effective, user-centric digital services focused on the interaction between government and the people and businesses it serves.

880 Cities guide to urban placemaking

We're a non-profit organization bringing citizens together to enhance mobility & public spaces so we can create vibrant, healthy, & equitable communities.

Accelerating Appalachia

ACCELERATING APPALACHIA – TM is supported in part by a $100,000 federal Rural Jobs Accelerator grant award from the Appalachian Regional Commission.


Discover the most innovative ideas and solutions in government everywhere. Connect with the people behind them.

Awesome Foundation

Forwarding the interest of Awesome in the universe, $1,000 at a time.


Beespace is a private operating foundation working to advance meaningful innovation for social change.

Bethnal Green Ventures

We are an early stage investor in ventures using technology to radically change people's lives for the better.

Blockchain Trust Accelerator

Blockchain technology offers solutions to many of the toughest challenges facing countries around the world.

Boston Office of New Urban Mechanics

The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics was formed in 2010 as one of the first municipal innovation offices in the world. Our research and design projects tackle a range of topics — from civic engagement to city infrastructure to education. Our team comes from a diverse array of backgrounds and our work comes in many different flavors.

Catalyst by Blue Ridge Labs

Where technologists and communities work together to explore and build new solutions for New Yorkers

Citizen Foundation

Bringing people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities while connecting citizens to governments to build up trust.

City of Austin Office of Design & Delivery

We’re a new office within the City of Austin that’s dedicated to designing and building services for residents that grow and adapt with their needs.

City of Seattle Privacy Principles

City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday to provide a framework for dealing with current and future technologies that impact privacy. This is a major step with the adoption of six privacy principles guiding the actions the City will take when collecting and using information from the public. The Council also established an August 2015 reporting deadline […]

Civic Tech Data Collaborative

The Civic Tech and Data Collaborative is a project of Living Cities, the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, and Code for America that brought together local government officials, civic technologists, and local data intermediaries across seven communities.

Civic Tech Patterns

common patterns and anti-patterns for civic tech and civic apps - codeforamerica/civic-tech-patterns


The Points of Light Civic Accelerator "CivicX" is the first national accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on "civic ventures." The 10-week, boot camp-style program convenes 10-15 teams in person and online with the goal of equipping each venture to seek investments and scale their social innovation.


Once the exclusive domain of well-heeled surfers able to pay the hefty daily rate to stay at the Tavarua Island surf resort, the Fijian government recently changed the law which allowed the resort to control access to this now legendary reef pass. While the perfect pictures of Cloudbreak suggest flawless left barrels for one and all, this is a tricky wave with multiple sections and a malevolent side that keeps even the best surfers on their toes. The outside section at the top Point of the reef holds plenty of size and the vertiginous roll-ins lead into a flying wall section where speed carves are possible. Middles is where turns are less useful and the barrel starts to wind up, covering a lot of distance in a short time. Insides, or Shish-kabobs, is where the reef gets extremely shallow and the tubes get extremely... extreme! Less confident surfers thinking they can pick off a few on the inside are not going to find any easy rides here and the fingers of razor sharp reef are far less uniform than further out. The 3 sections rarely link up, but when they do, usually on a long period, SSW swell of epic proportions, it is one of the seven wonders of the surf world.So advanced to expert surfers should be able to deal with the heavy waves, currents and bump-inducing frisky trades, but there are other hazards. The live coral is slasher sharp and cuts have the tendency to flare up. The reef attracts some fauna that is also best avoided like sea snakes, stonefish and the odd well-fed shark, but the unavoidable bogieman is undoubtedly the sun. Once you have negotiated a seat in a boat (for a handsome sum), remember to take lots of water, sunscreen and a surf hat!

Code California

Code California is an open collaboration between agencies, industry technology partners and civic technologists working to code a more innovative, collaborative and effective government that best serves the people of California.

Code Switch

Code Switch is a free, two-day civic hackathon in which community members, designers, project managers, programmers, and people who just want to learn, collaborate intensively on projects that change our community.

Community Approach to Research Partnerships @ Emerson

The Community Approach to Research Partnerships (CARP) aims to collaboratively establish academic and community partners...

Data Detox Kit

Welcome to your 8-day data detox! In just half an hour or less per day, you'll be well on your way to a healthier and more in-control digital self. What are you waiting for?