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Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents

cat-icon Colorado, USA

Barcelona Open Budget

A tool created for citizens and all those people o

cat-icon Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Budget in a Box

Thank you for participating in the Budget in a Box


ClearGov develops and provides a financial transpa

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Cobudget makes it easy for organizations and group


IT platform for cities and amalgamated communities

cat-icon 1991 Civic Tech Center, вулиця Мечникова, Київ, Україна

Iran Budget

Access to the national budget is every citizen's r

cat-icon Iran


A free, open and global platform to search, visual

cat-icon London, UK

Policy Insights

PolicyInsights gives you a simple and intuitive na

cat-icon Washington, DC

Visual Budget

Cities and towns across Massachusetts and few in o

cat-icon Charlottesville, VA