Big listening

"There are tools that monitor public digital conversations. Those that we classify as “big listening” technologies also help us separate signal from noise, identify themes, and better understand how conversations respond to events, influencers and communications strategies. These tools give us insight into the “why” of a conversation. They can also model the networks in which narratives operate. These tools are often expensive (Crimson Hexagon/Consumer Research) and purpose-built (usually not for social change). They can also be free but come with a significant learning curve (MIT’s Media Cloud)." - The Narrative Initiative


Citizenscape was a simple, manageable and cost-effective way for you to start getting involved in all the local social media conversation.


Software that combines the power of AI with the most comprehensive source database in existence to bring our clients advanced media monitoring, social listening, social media management, PR Analytics and Influencer Engagement tools.

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PeakMetrics tracks news and government action around the clock, so you save time and react faster.


A political data and intelligence start-up helping to connect the public and politicians.

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Other analytic software can show you what is happening, but only Quid can unlock the context that explains why.

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Upwell Attention Lab

We play a unique role, experimenting with injecting conservation messaging into online conversations about the ocean. We do this through “attention campaigns.”

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