Innovative approaches to advertising that drive awareness to underpromoted causes, or, alternatively, investigations into the power behind advertising money and platforms.

Ad Watch breaks open the machine of political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with data of more than 150 parties in 34 countries.

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AdLeaker is an anonymous whistleblower hotline where concerned insiders can securely release tips, documents, data, and other information about the advertising industry to the general public.

Crowd-funded billboard adverts. This is a new service and we're looking for campaigns with strong communities behind them but with scant funds for advertising.

Check My Ads

Take back control of your ads. Keep your brand away from fake news, disinformation, and hate speech. Get an ad check.

Facebook ads for World Health Organization Coronavirus Information

Facebook giving the WHO as many free ads as they need for their coronavirus response along with other in-kind support.

Human Agency

Human Agency is a platform that democratizes the tools of advertising

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Internet Quorum

Leidos Digital Solutions, Inc. (DSI) provides innovative IT solutions to elected officials and government offices across the United States.

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Louder (Loudsauce)

At Louder we've spent a lot of time asking people to give reach to what they believe deserves more attention. This page is dedicated to the lessons we've learned.

Outfox AI

Outfox AI is an intuitive, low-cost Facebook ad-buying platform for down-ballot progressive campaigns and causes.

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رسمیو(لیلاک سابق) موتور جستجوی اشخاص و شرکت‌ها است که بر مبنای آگهی‌های روزنامه رسمی کشور ایجاد شده است. رسمیو با تحلیل روزنامه رسمی کشور و ایجاد خروجی معنادار، دسترسی به اطلاعات شرکت‌های ایرانی را راحت کرده است.

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Toolkit for tracking advertisers on partisan news channels with sampling, data science, and open data.

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