Active battles in civic tech

Anti Ring

This is a project to counter the Amazon Ring doorbell camera surveillance infrastructure. We provide information for users and community members concerned about the country’s biggest company planting always-on cameras all over our streets.

Ethics In Tech

Ethics In Technology works towards increased awareness around the ethical use of technology and seeks to make a positive impact through engaging the public at all levels of our society in conversation about these issues.

cat-icon Bay Area, CA, USA

Rethink Aahaar

The Aadhaar project also has a sinister side to it -- it is a surveillance-enabling programme, which threatens privacy and democratic practice.

cat-icon India

Should cities be allowed to track shared e-scooter mobility data?

Who's on that thing, and where are they going? The scooter company knows, but the city might, too!!

cat-icon San Francisco

Towards Democratic Auditing: Civic Participation in the Scoring Society

The project Towards Democratic Auditing will address these challenges by investigating how citizens can intervene into the development and implementation of scoring systems and other forms of data analytics, and how they can advance civic participation in an increasingly datafied society.