Blockchain for Social Impact

A Stanford Graduate School of Business report that resulted of an analysis of 193 organizations, initiatives, and projects that are leveraging blockchain to drive social impact. The research captured which applications have already begun to demonstrate proven social impact.

cat-icon Stanford Graduate School of Business, Knight Way, Stanford, CA, USA

The Fight Against Disinformation in the U.S.: A Landscape Analysis

a map of the disinformation initiatives currently in play to undergird newsrooms and improve media literacy at this challenging moment for the free press

cat-icon Shorenstein Center at the Harvard Kennedy School, Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA, USA

The Future of Cities handbook

Our conversations illuminated how cities are using innovation and technology to drive impact against the most pressing challenges to achieve better outcomes for residents.

Thinking about GovTech: A brief guide for policymakers

(PDF) Thinking about GovTech (2019) introduces the concept of GovTech and identifies eight activities that policymakers can undertake to foster national GovTech innovation ecosystems and help to steer them towards positive outcomes for citizens and public administrators.

cat-icon 53 Milverton Road, London, UK

WhatsApp: The Widespread Use of WhatsApp in Political Campaigning in the Global South

The research conducted by Tactical Tech and our partners over the last 18 months has confirmed that WhatsApp is now a primary means of delivery for political messaging in many countries in the Global South, with particularly strong penetration in rural communities where internet is accessed mostly via smartphones.

cat-icon Brunnenstraße 9, 10119 Berlin, Germany