Beautiful Rising

Beautiful Rising seeks to strengthen the capacity, creativity, and effectiveness of social movements, activist groups, and civil society organizations to achieve lasting social change.

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Citizens’ Assembly Websites: Practical Guidance

Here we discuss two pillars of a Citizens’ Assembly website: its design and editorial principles; and the information that should be included.

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EGAP – Evidence in Government And Politics

EGAP is a cross-disciplinary network of researchers and practitioners that is united by a focus on experimental research and is dedicated to generating and disseminating rigorous evidence on topics of governance, politics, and institutions.

cat-icon 113 Moses Hall University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720

Government of South Australia Open Data Guide

The South Australian open data toolkit, contains resources to help agencies release open data. The resources can be tailored to suit your requirements.

cat-icon State Administration Centre, 200, Victoria Square, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

How to Organize Your Workplace Without Getting Caught

Before even thinking about what you should and shouldn’t do, or what tech you should or shouldn’t use, ask yourself: do you know your company?

cat-icon Montreal, QC, Canada

MapIt UK

If you have a Excel, CSV, or OpenDocument file including a column of postcodes, upload it here, and MapIt will automatically match the postcodes and add columns for the administrative areas (councils, constituencies, CCGs, etc.) you request, sending you the results by email.

cat-icon United Kingdom