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Apple Maps COVID-19 Testing Locations

As a healthcare provider, lab, or other business, follow these steps to submit information on COVID-19 testing locations that Apple may display to its users.

Cloudflare for Campaigns

It is designed to make it easier for all political campaigns and parties, especially those with small teams and limited resources, to get access to cybersecurity services.

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COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

Google shares aggregate location data with public officials to show where stay-in-place orders are being followed

Facebook ‘Today In’ feature

A dedicated section on Facebook that connects people to news and information about their community, called Today In.

Facebook ads for World Health Organization Coronavirus Information

Facebook giving the WHO as many free ads as they need for their coronavirus response along with other in-kind support.

Facebook Local Alerts

Allows local governments to notify residents with important information

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Facebook Positions des candidats

Facebook lance un outil pour faciliter l’accès aux programmes des candidats à la présidentielle

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Facebook Suicide Prevention

Facebook’s new “proactive detection” artificial intelligence technology will scan all posts for patterns of suicidal thoughts, and when necessary send mental health resources to the user at risk or their friends, or contact local first-responders.

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Hey Google, tell me something good

The news has always played an essential role in our lives, keeping us informed about the world and the issues we care about.

Project Galileo

If you are an organization working in the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy, you can apply for Project Galileo to get Cloudflare’s cybersecurity protection

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Waze Connected Citizens

Over a thousand cities and other public sector partners are already working with Waze to gain better data and insights; reduce driving alone with Waze Carpool; and to make their communities safer with Waze's Beacons and Crisis programs.

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Yelp LIVES score

restaurant hygiene scores from the City of San Francisco will be imported onto Yelp business pages

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Yelp’s Consumer Protection Initiative

Today we're excited to announce we’ve joined forces with ProPublica to incorporate health care statistics and consumer opinion survey data onto the Yelp business pages of more than 25,000 medical treatment facilities.

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