Civic Tech in Australia


Australia has a small but passionate civic tech community, notably including Code for Australia, who are working alongside governments to build capability, human-centred technology and better connections with local communities.

To get involved, we recommend attending one of Code for Australia's regular Civic Makers Melbourne events.

You can also explore Australia's open government data here.


Microsoft AI for Good Challenge

In the 2020 Microsoft AI for Good Challenge, Australian students in Grades 7-12 are supported by their teachers to learn the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence.


We collaborate with governments to facilitate better discovery of data, to make data available while protecting privacy, and to perform advanced analytics on data.

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Code for Australia Wildlife Incidents and Emergencies

A web application to connect the general public with the large network of shelters and rescue organisations when people run into wildlife in distress.

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Code for Australia Online Pleas

Over 60 percent of people that go to court for a minor offence are planning to and plead guilty. The tool enables guilty pleas to be lodged online prior to the scheduled court date for non-complex minor offences.

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Code for Australia Legal Aid Checker

Legal Aid Checker is an online triaging system, helping to determine if people are eligible to recieve services and help from Victoria Legal Aid.

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Code for Australia Fellowship

Pairing talented technologists with government change-makers to tackle complex social issues

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CivVic Labs

CivVic Labs brings government and startups together to solve public sector challenges and deliver better outcomes for Victorians.

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Civic Makers Melbourne

It is a collective of people using their skills to create things for the public good. Sometimes this involves tech, sometimes community organising, sometimes it's just talking about and understanding a problem from different points of view.

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Bang the Table

Our complete suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.

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Queensland Law Handbook

Queensland Law Handbook is a comprehensive and accessible resource designed to help Queensland residents withtheir legal problems.

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Re-focus is a mobile application that provides legal information and welfare advice for women who are separated orare thinking of separating.

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Penda is a mobile application for women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or abuse. Theapp provides legal information and referrals.

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Legal Chat

Legal Services Commission of South Australia’s Legal Chat service provides live chat support during working hours.

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Justice Connect

Justice Connect provides legal help to people and communites at risk of being of left behind by the law. This includesa guided diagnostic, intake and triage tool, several online self-help tools, and a facility that allows other organisationsto refer people to Justice Connect.

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Health Complaints Assist

Health Complaints Assist is a chatbot that helps users make a complaint about medical treatment they or someonethey know received.

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Fine Fixer

Fine Fixer provides a guided process for users who have been fined by local authorities. Based on the case, it guidespeople on how to fix a fine or determine a course of action in case of a fine.

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engage2 is a boutique public participation and stakeholder engagement consultancy based in Sydney. We design and facilitate stakeholder and community engagement for social impact.

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Code for Australia

Building a 21st century government, together. We’re working towards a government that is built by and made for everyone.

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Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord is an interactive app that helps tenants in privately-owned properties to understand their rights andeviction laws. It also helps users generate and review documents such as letters to their landlord or fill out a reviewapplication to the Civil Administrative Tribunal.

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Confident Commuter

Confident Commuter helps people deal with ticket inspectors and fines. The user follows a guided process ofquestions and answers to find a solution for their case.

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Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid’s interactive tool helps users understand their options when facing a legal matter.

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Legal Aid Checker

Legal Aid Checker provides a guided pathway to information about common legal issues.

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The Perfect Candidate

Driven by data, not bias, I’ll help you discover how aligned our leaders are with the issues that matter most to you and start a more courageous conversation about Australia’s future.

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NationalMap Australia

NationalMap is an online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

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Government of South Australia Digital Transformation Toolkits

To assist agencies to modernise and transform their government services, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet has developed these four toolkits.

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Government of South Australia Open Data Guide

The South Australian open data toolkit, contains resources to help agencies release open data. The resources can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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Australia Digital Transformation Office

At the Digital Transformation Agency, we help government improve digital services to make them simple, clear and fast.

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Australia’s Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard is a set of best-practice principles for designing and delivering government services. It helps digital teams to build services that are simple, clear and fast.

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Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to find the services they need, right now and nearby.

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Open Shed helps you share with your community to access what you need and help your neighbours. Tools, sporting equipment, musical instruments, appliances and much more!

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